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Tonight You're A Star Feat. Renee Cross (Radio Mix) (August 1st 2009, 4PlayTrax)
Sunburn (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Colin Law (August 1st 2009, 4PlayTrax)
Like She Does(Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Scratche (Spring 2009, 4PlayTrax)
Stay Tuned (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Elsewhere (December 15th 2008, 4PlayTrax)
Feel It (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Jimmy Rhay (July 14th 2008, SMD Records)
Life Affirmation (Radio Mix) (July 15th 2008, 4Play Trax)
Controlling the Chaos (Radio Mix) (July 15th 2008, 4Play Trax)
Minimalist (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Peppelino (June 1st 2008, 4Play Trax)
Kinky Girl (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Scratche (May 1st 2008, 4Play Trax)
I'm A Mystery (Curtis Maranda Remix Radio Mix) Che Dubois (April 15th 2008, 4Play Trax)
Reggie's Hot Grill- Feat. Rejean Maranda (Radio Mix) (February 1st 2008, Ice Media)
Neo-Hippy Superfreak (Radio Mix) (November 1st 2007, Total Wipes)
Tantalize (Radio Mix) (November 1st 2007, Total Wipes)
I Will Make You Bugout (Radio Mix) (June 28th 2007, Total Wipes)
Into The Light(Radio Mix) (June 28th 2007, Total Wipes)
This Is A Journey (Curtis Maranda Remix) (2 minute sample) (May 3rd 2007, Total Wipes)
Crystal Night(Radio Mix) (co-produced with Andrew Hopkinson) (March 8th 2007, Total Wipes)
The Truth Of Capability (Curtis Maranda Remix) (2 minute sample) (March 1st 2007, Total Wipes)
China(Radio Mix) (January 2007, Total Wipes)
7th Heaven (Radio Mix) (January 2007, Total Wipes)
Playtime(Radio Mix) (December 2006, Total Wipes)
Saturated Strangeness(Radio Mix) (December 2006, Total Wipes)
A Profound Moment of Sadness(Radio Mix) (October 2006, Total Wipes)

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